Friday, January 13, 2012

Full Circle

Running a marathon is never an easy task. It took me two years to finally have the guts to do it. Back then, the mere thought of running that distance scared the shit out of me. I saw horrifying visions of me collapsing on the road, and being tended to by medics. But I knew, eventually, I have to climb my Mt. Apo sooner or later. BTW, my Everest is an Ultra-marathon. Fast forward 2012, there I was running the full marathon. But it was not easy though. All the preparation you have to do takes a lot of your time, and most of the time, you do it alone. I did not have the luxury of a regular running group, much less a buddy. But preparing alone gave me one edge, I knew that I could do it, I knew I could break through any wall that could possibly hit me without that safety net. That gave me the confidence and the perseverance. Having those two, and the strategy, I felt calm, easy during that entire distance. But as they say, not all best laid plans actually go as planned. The last 10-16 km was a struggle for me, I was constantly monitoring my body, listening to what it says, pushing it when it gives me the hint, and stop when it tells me to. But the funny thing though, I felt really easy, calm, and not panicky, or afraid during that time. Instead, I felt good, to put it simply. Running happy sure made it easy for me. At this point of my running career, hehe, I know now better when to push for it, and when to pull back. I know its pointless to beat time, because time will always be there. I know that for you to be able to take away the excruciating pain, you have to enjoy it. I know now that what's important is finishing the race, and being able to see all those faces waiting for you at the finish line, because I sure did. Now, when people do ask me why I run, I just smile because they will never understand. But really, I just don't want to miss out on what matter's in life for me. Lastly, word of caution for first time marathoners, never take for granted your preparation, otherwise you will only look foolish. And not only that, you'll also put yourself in harm's way. So, be prepared.

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